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SEO Web Design Coventry, is a collaboration of engaging web design and effective Search Engine Optimisation. If you are a local Coventry, based business and looking for affordable SEO Web Design, get in touch with me today. 

Benefits of SEO Web Design in Coventry

SEO Web Design in Coventry, works by implementing all the SEO elements that allow the website to be indexed, within the design and development of your website. 

SEO Web Design, or ,Search Engine Optimisation Web Design, is the organic process of increasing your online presence, by appearing within the free listings of Google.

When designing a new website, careful consideration needs to be given to how the website will be read and seen by online users, customers, and search engines. 

Web Design is not just about how the website looks, good SEO web design means, in-depth analysis of your keywords, website performance and overall target market placement. Having a great looking website alone, won't generate you traffic, especially if the pages within the website can not be crawled correctly. 


There are a number of SEO processes, that need to be carried out within the website design stage before the website can put live. This is an important part of quality Web Design and SEO, and can takes time, industry knowledge and SEO expertise to be done efficiently.  

These processes include, Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, SEO Auditing, SEO Content Marketing, Local SEO and SEO Mobile Web Design. In the main, these services will be included within the overall web design cost and will form part of any Coventry SEO Web Design campaign.


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Technical SEO

Optimisation of your pages for specific keywords, descriptions, tags, headings and content, so Google can find your website.

SEO Auditing

Measuring the performance of all your backlinks, keyword content, technical page structures and overall site health and authority.

Content Marketing

Creating keyword rich content, for all channels, such as organic placement, paid search and social media advertising.  

Coventry SEO Web Design Services

There are 4 main, Coventry SEO Web Design Services, that I provide for local businesses. These services are put in place to maximise your website traffic, page authority, and increase website conversion rates. After all, if you are hiring me to make you a website for your Coventry business, SEO should be an integral part of the web design scope of works. 

On-Page SEO Web Design

On-Page SEO or, On-Page SEO Web Design, refers to any optimisation that is carried out within your website. The aim of on-page SEO, is to make the website more usable and valuable to users who may be searching for your services or products online. 

With on-page web design, there are different types of SEO ranking factors that need to be optimised, to achieve greater results within search engines such as Google and Bing. 

On-page optimisation includes: 

  • URL Slugs - address of the webpages 

  • Page Title Tags -  title of the webpages

  • Meta Descriptions - description of the webpages

  • Header Tags -  section heading of the webpages

  • Alt Tags - image description and keywords

Technical SEO Web Design

Technical SEO or, Technical SEO Web Design, is the process of structuring your website, so it can be crawled, rendered and indexed by search engines. The technical SEO aspect of any website plays an important role to how the website ranks within the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

There are several key factors that form part of well engineered, SEO site infrastructure, which collectively, contribute to a how technical web design should be carried out. 

Technical SEO includes: 

  • Structured Data - data markup (schema)

  • Breadcrumbs -  navigation trail of webpages

  • XML Sitemaps - file of your webpages to be crawled

  • JavaScript -  programming language for dynamic pages 

  • Google Console - submission for page crawling, rendering

 SEO Auditing Web Design

SEO Auditing or, SEO Auditing Web Design, refers to the process of analysing various technical parts of the website that impacts its performance in organic searches. The importance of successful SEO Audits need to follow and adhere to the best practices of Search Engine Optimisation, that relate directly to the ranking factors for Google. 

When carrying out a SEO Auditing within the design of your website, the following can be used as the main Web Design SEO Audit checklist. 

SEO Audit includes: 

  • Domain Factors - age of domain and authority level

  • Page Levels -  Headings and keyword cannibalisation

  • Content Audit - keyword to text ratios

  • Backlink Audit -  external links activity to your website

  • Site Speed - desktop and mobile website speed checks 

Local SEO Web Design

Local SEO or, Local SEO Web Design, is a mixture of SEO methods used to advertise your business and services locally within Coventry and Warwickshire. In order to be found for local, or 'near me' searches, a solid SEO strategy needs to be planned out from the start of the web design project, to help achieve these results. 

The main foundations to building a long-term Local SEO campaign will include the below principles with the website project.

Local SEO includes: 

  • Google My Business - listings within Google Maps, Google Pages 

  • Local Citations -  business mentions and postings anywhere online

  • Local Link Building - authoritative sites within your market

  • Website Optimisation - On-page content and website structure

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